Sitting on the sofa with my daughter, feet up, legs stretched out, after a long day at the office for me, and she recovering from a long flight. We're sharing our space, because that's how she likes it.  She's loading pictures from her trip to Japan and listening to Beyoncé.  Which means I'm listening to her too.  Some of it's good, some of it I ignore. My daughter tells me that Beyoncé and sharing the sofa with me makes her feel peaceful.  Never thought I would be in such cool company. 

And I'm looking too at how a couple of paintings are coming along. One of them, a large watercolour (30x40") is abstraction mixed with the beginnings of a family portrait. It's a harder piece for me. Portraiture doesn't come naturally for me, I can do it, it just doesn't come easily and I'm not too often that interested by it, at least not my portraiture.  But that's not all that's keeping me from this one.  It's digging into family history again, and while I may feel compelled to go there, I don't necessarily feel like it that much. I'm drawn and repelled. I want to go there, and I don't. But it draws...

While I try to well up the guts to address what needs answering in that painting, I take a break and start a small (4x16") landscape.  It's coastal of course.  It's a peaceful, easy place, and the sky has a lot to say as usual. Yet it says it so minimally.  Less is more when I hear what nature has to say.  It's poetic.

Like the evening I am having with my daughter... peaceful, poetic, comfortable, beautiful.  Lots of details that may not be right in life, but there's always something perfect and lovely if I look for it. Sometimes it comes all on its own....

I'll keep writing as these two pieces progress, and as I in turn progress as well.

Coastal Diary 1.jpg